Sunday, August 01, 2010

Thank You

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The Last Day

Sticker Courtesy DB

An Empty Shop

Waiting for the Movers

A Gutted Showroom

Ceiling After Selling 8 Lamps

A Bookshelf Without Books

BBBQs Part 1

Over the summer, we have created the perfect burger:
Beef w/ Sante Fe marinade, pepper jack, sriracha, and spicy guac on a potato bun.

Jonas Pelli on the Grill

Noah Wunsch & Max Nissman

Geordon Nicol, Becka Diamond, & Alexis Page

Jade Lau & Elliott David

The Crew

Sean Donnola

Mark Holmes & Jonas Pelli


Jose Mejia & Joey Keefer

The Crew

Josh Madden

Jessica Wilson

BBBQs Part 2

Lauren Flax

Noah Wunsch & Jonas Pelli

Chris Barbosa

Jonas Pelli

Max Nissman & Noah Wunsch

Niko Liakaris, Anna Zahn, Chris Barbosa, & Jonas Pelli

Tess Brokaw

Jonas & Noah

Noah Wunsch

Jonas Pelli

The Gallery

Athenaeum Exhibition North Wall

Athenaeum Exhibition South Wall

Klaus Thymann Exhibition South Wall

Klaus Thymann Exhibition North Wall


The Showroom

Torn Out Mezzanine

Working on the Floor

The Floor Stained and Sealed


SS10 Ready for Market

AW10 Collection

The Steamer / A Necessary Evil

A Rescued Chest of Drawers

A Box of Intrigue

Beginning to Nail the Floor

Nailed It


Kyohei Torii, the master

Sean Shuter with Cristalino

Daniel Jackson in Las Vegas

Jonas Pelli

Jordan Silver

The Dogs of BBlessing

Johnny Pepper & Cassius

Florencia Galarza and Oso

Johnny Pepper


Shanna Fisher and Oliver